Team presentation

Pierre Eykerman de Gaudemont

Co-founder & Operations
Expert Supply Chain Digital Transformation Autonomous Vehicle Project Manager

25 years of experience in the automotive sector (organizational and process consultant, digital transformation, autonomous urban logistics vehicle project manager).

References: PSA, Canal+, Renault.

Philippe Gicquel

Co-founder & President

Expert in simulation and connection of complex systems and AI

25 years of experience in automotive innovation, project management, and development of complex simulation solutions.

References: PSA, GENIVI, Founder of CIL4Sys and SIM4Sys

Chrystèle Malbet-Tran

Co-founder & Business Development
Supply Chain Expert
Business Model
Mobility Services

25 years of international experience in the automotive sector (Industrial and commercial logistics, Urban logistics, Project manager for commercial vehicles). Japan (5 years), Hong Kong (2 years), Europe.

References: Renault, Nissan

Bruno Sanlaville

Co-founder & Expert

Expert in multimodal urban
logistics and last mile delivery.
E-commerce, retail, and transport

20 years of experience in the transport sector (express, courier, and food delivery) and delivery services (B2B and B2C).

References: TNT France, FedEx, Cityliv, Vert Chez Vous, BSC consulting, Urby

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