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SquareMiles is a tool designed to test all logistical scenarios and accelerate innovation processes.

Dessin représentant la logistique multimodale avec livraison décarbonée de colis en ville par drone et par camion

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Launching an innovation project without a prior diagnosis can lead to significant failures and excessive costs. At SquareMiles, we always begin by conducting an eco-responsible assessment*, an HR assessment, and an economic assessment to understand your current situation. We then define the expected outcomes and collaborate with all stakeholders to propose and develop innovative scenarios.
* It’s a carbon footprint assessment and an assessment of biodiversity impac
Dessin représentant l'analyse et le diagnostique fait par SquareMiles
Dessin représentant la simulation IA des scénario que vous pouvez mètre en place

Digital simulation with AI

Our AI-powered digital simulation tool is essential to our approach. It enables us to measure, visualize, test, and digitally validate new scenarios. This facilitates decision-making early in a logistics innovation project by providing a clear visual representation of the potential impacts of different strategies.

Continuous improvement

After implementing the new logistics organization, we don’t stop there. Through the analysis of data collected daily, we initiate a phase of continuous process improvement. We identify and address new pain points, and enhance operational performance by leveraging Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies.
Dessin représentant l'amélioration continue qui est faite par SquareMiles sur votre projet
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