Solution for eco-responsible urban logistics

Create, simulate, play and replay, visualize multiple [multimodal] [carnon-free] scenarios. Compare them and deduce the eco-responsible effects instantly.

Incorporating the specific process features specific to each business, the solution is not only intended for logistics specialists. Multiple choices, reduced budgets, and easier decision-making accelerate the implementation of innovations.

With SquareMiles, testing and validating logistics scenarios has never been easier or faster.

Diagnose, understand

Starting an innovation project without prior diagnosis is a major source of failure and additional costs.

  • Identify points of pain and satisfaction
  • Define the expectations
  • Propose and define innovative scenarios with the actors

AI digital simulation

Simulation makes it possible to measure, visualize, play, test and digitally validate new scenarios and thus facilitate decision-making upstream of a logistics innovation project.

Continuous improvement

Once the new logistics organization is in place, based on daily data feedback, the time has come to improve processes, identify and deal with new pain points, improve operational performance thanks to Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

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